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Your Journey to Being Your Absolute Best

You know you were meant to care for others but you just can't continue on like this...exhausted, depleted and empty. Have you lost your excitement and energy for caring and helping others? Tired of being out of alignment with the real you between work and home? I'm dedicated to helping you align your mind, body and spirit to create the joy and happiness you desire while caring for yourself and others.

Testimonials and Recommendations

What our clients are saying.

  • Emerge Path 1

    Marcelletta is an amazing leader and coach. She has used her skills and resources to incorporate and facilitate a conscious leadership approach throughout our organization, from senior leadership leading and motivating management teams, management teams leading and motivating staff teams, to staff teams leading and motivating patients in their complex care management efforts to improve the patient experience. Marcelletta’s commitment to, and sharing of, authenticity, mindfulness, self-compassion, and conscious leadership principles has enhanced both my professional and personal growth. Her commitment to compassionate care philosophies continues to facilitate improved change management concepts and approaches, reducing stress during a particularly significant period of organizational change. Thank you, Marci!

    - Sheri, RN
  • DeShannon Dixon

    I am honored to write a recommendation for Marcelletta. I chose her after a failed attempt to secure an Executive Coach. Being a CEO in a busy medical practice I needed someone who could understand the high pressure executives often face. She was able to keep my attention as her proven methods along with her winning personality enabled me to grow personally and professionally. I look forward to working with her again.

    - DeShannon
  • Lynn

    Marcelletta is excellent at helping her client identify what is truly important and then uses this foundation to facilitate a workable plan for the future. She is a skillful communicator and listens closely to what her client says or does not say. I leave each session with Marcelletta energized and excite about taking the next step.

    - Lynn, RN
  • tranquility

    Marcelletta is a highly effective leader who is perceptive, strategic, and outcome-oriented. She works well under pressure and amidst multiple competing priorities. Under her leadership our organization has effectively provided population management services for multiple payer populations and implemented multiple grant projects. Marcelletta is a valuable coach and mentor for me and I appreciate her support of my ongoing professional development.

    - Sherri, RN

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