How to Make Change Happen

How to Make a Change Happen

Raise your hand if you have ever thought change was hard or difficult. I use to believe that too. When you decide to make a change in your life either great or small, every reason not to change creeps back in.

When I decided to make some life style changes, I told myself change isn’t hard, it’s just different. Many of us are creatures of habit and comfort. When we do something that’s outside the norm, it feels different. We can easily decide we don’t like how it feels and go back to the old ways and habits. But just this once, imagine what things might feel like or look like if you made the change and stayed with it.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, changing you perspective about change is the first step. What are you telling yourself that’s keeping you from making the change? If you’re approaching change from an all or nothing perspective, then you could be setting yourself up to fail.

In the article, When Something Has to Change: How to Push Yourself to Take Action, Megan Forrest talks about the stories we tell ourselves that railroad out change. She challenges us to rid ourselves of the limiting beliefs that hold us back. How to Change Your Life Without Doing Anything Big or Scary is also an article that shows us how small incremental changes can lead to big changes.

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“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as it is in attitudes and in actions.”  H. S. Geneen



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1 comment on “How to Make Change Happen

  1. My hand is definitely raised! Change is SO hard for most of us. Many of us can’t even handle change around us – favorite restaurant closed, your freeway exit detoured, rain on Saturday, etc… let alone changing the way we think. It’s totally amazing the things we build up in our heads, the stories and excuses we tell ourselves that sabotage any attempts we make at changing our life’s perspective. You’re so right when it comes to the whole – all or nothing take on change and it DOES set us up for failure. I think that was the biggest thing my own life coach had to help me with – the all or nothing perspective on change. I always looked at partial change as defeat, I didn’t realize it was really partial victory.

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