NO- Let’s Put it in Perspective (Part 1)

NO- Let’s Put it in Perspective (Part 1)

Do you remember when you were a child and you were getting ready to do something that may have caused you harm? Someone told you no, to keep you from getting hurt. You may have experienced this with your own children. Saying no, was for their own good. You were trying to keep them from getting harmed.   You may have gotten the temper tantrum afterwards or the sad eyes that melted you heart but you knew you had done the right thing. However, you still felt bad about saying no.

We give this two-letter word so much power. It’s often associated with negativity and rejection. Basically, we don’t like to be told no and we don’t like telling people no. If we are told, “No, you didn’t get the job or no, you weren’t approved for the loan or no, you didn’t get accepted into the college of your choice, or no, you can’t have anymore candy,” we feel hurt, rejected and defeated.

No is not a bad word. We need to remove the stigma associated with it. No just means that option isn’t the right one for you. Think of times when you were told no and something else better came along.   I remember receiving my rejection letter from Occupational Therapy School. I was hurt, disappointed and lost. I decided to apply for Nursing School. I was meant to be a nurse but I would not have realized it until my OT School rejection letter came. So now when I hear no, it means there is something else instead. Let’s put the word no in perspective. It’s not the end, just the beginning.

I would love to hear how you’ve been using the word “no” in your professional and personal life.  If you’ve been having a hard time saying “no”, I want to hear about that too.

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3 comments on “NO- Let’s Put it in Perspective (Part 1)

  1. I love to teach nurses when I give my burnout talks, that ‘no’ is actually saying ‘yes’ to yourself. So, maybe there are times when we need to say ‘no’ to others. That is perfectly OK. Because it allows us to practice saying YES to us! Great post, sharing!

  2. When it is difficult to say no, it is sometimes more about people pleasing and an imagined response from the other person. How I say no is key. It takes skill to do it in a way that can leave a door open for connection if that’s what I want. Learning to say no has empowered me to recognize my own boundaries and values. Thanks Marcelletta

  3. Good points Marcelletta and Elizabeth. Given that I am a photographer, I am often asked to donate my time and talent to photograph events for non profit businesses and various events with limited funds. I can say that there hasn’t been one that wasn’t just a remarkable experience for me and also good for my business. I meet people now and I hear ‘Oh, you’re THAT Carmen Buck. I’ve heard of you.’ However, there comes a time to say ‘no’ and Elizabeth it’s because it is a ‘yes’ for me. Since I’m busier with paying customers now 😀 I will choose my volunteer time wisely to those that are in alignment of my overall business goals. I’ve also started to say no to various networking groups that just aren’t a good fit for me. I have a big poster in my office with business goals and refer to that before I say yes or no. It’s right next to my guitar and my gym badge- other things I want to say yes to. It’s a juggle sometimes.

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