What Everybody Ought to Know About Self-Care

IMG_1183Have you ever reached a point where you just didn’t think you could push yourself for one more minute? And yet, you still had two hours left on your shift, or you still had to help children with homework before everybody went to bed? At that point, you are not just tired. You are exhausted.

Self-care is important because our bodies tell us when we have had enough. It’s important because we need to recharge and refresh our minds and our bodies, to be able to do our work, take care of our families, be involved in our community, and do all the other things that are lined up in front of us. It is important because we need to take care of ourselves before we can properly take care of others.

If we don’t practice self-care, we will not have the energy or the focus needed to do our jobs or take care of our family. That point of exhaustion where we don’t think we can do one more thing is often a result of pushing ourselves too hard. What we don’t realize is we may be causing other issues such as hypertension, migraines, insomnia, etc. Self-care helps us to renew the strength in our bodies and to re-energize the focus in our minds.

Exhaustion is not just about the body. Often our minds will shut down because we just can’t think anymore. Self-care helps us to get back in touch with our inspiration and our motivation for the work we do. When we take the time to shut down, to go for a walk or get some exercise, to get a massage or just a nice hot bath, to meditate and reflect in solitude and silence, to do some yoga or just a few stretching exercises, we are able to re-center our minds and find some balance in our stressful lives.

Self-care is important because if we do not take the time to do it, we could be jeopardizing our mental or our physical health. When we run our minds and our bodies to the point of not being able to think or act anymore, it can result in a number of symptoms created by excessive stress levels.

Take care of yourself. Yes, you do have time. Yes, you do have the resources. Yes, it is absolutely necessary to your health and well-being.

Marcelletta teaches others how to create harmony and balance in their lives, reduce stress, be fully present and enjoy authentic happiness. For more information on authentic self-care and ideas click here to join our free Self-Care for Nurses Facebook group: bit.ly/2rbAnOf.

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3 comments on “What Everybody Ought to Know About Self-Care

  1. Thank you for the reminder Celletta. It is so easy to just keep pushing. Today I took the day off, and wow what a new perspective I have. Grateful to be reading about the connections you mention about the interrelatedness- body/mind/emotional. You remind me that there are different qualities of Self care… what we do on a regular basis and then there are times of an immersion in self care such as a retreat which takes us to a deeper level of self reflection, self nourishment and consequent inner and outer connections. Thanks for this reminder in this season.

  2. Self care is a great way to keep the body in a natural flow. Basically, practicing self care gives you a sense of freedom, that will help you in developing a healthy intellectual and psychological state. From my standpoint, self care is an exciting stuff. It is about allowing yourself to do whatever you want to do. It becomes feasible only when a person starts listening to his body. It is a concept that always leads to an endless discussion. Still, you need to know the basics of self care for making yourself aware of your true desires and wanting.

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